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I think i have found an error in my pattern



  • Claire Johnson

    Pattern # 1357 Baby Cardigan

    Cardigan with Shawl Collar page 1

    10th row.

  • Jean Gardiner

    Pattern 3930
    Bootees only show instructions for 4 sizes which should I use for size 18 inch

  • Tracie offley

    Pattern 5464 - there appear to be missing instructions for the sleeves. No info once you have increased to the required number of stitches. Can you please advise what to do next. Thank you ..

  • Deborah Smith

    Pattern number 10301 - Working on 'front', the 4th row of the pattern does not add up to the 164 stitches on my needle. The pattern has 2 rows of 4 which are repeated. Both 4th rows do not add up to the 164 stitches I have.

    Also when working on the back I have 'shaped the back neck'. It tells me I should have 58 stitches but I think this should be 48 (3rd from last instruction) ?

    Can you please advise me. Thank you.

  • Linda Butler


    Pattern 10257 Crowd surf sweater

    I've made thirty squares and have just re-read the pattern It suggests that for the third round, you need to go round twice. This is not reflected in the pictures. Am I being thick? 



  • Tina Davies

    Pattern no 10345, states 4 balls of main colour and 3 balls of shadeC.

    however, (my tension and actual finished measurements are correct) I am left with over 2 balls of main colour and insufficient yarnC  to complete top of sleeve. Really frustrated and disappointed.

  • Liz myles

    Pattern 4244. This is a vintage pattern of my mother in law’s stash. (Deceased)
    I don’t believe she had knitted the cardigan.
    I am having problems with the first few rows on the back where I have cast on 85 stitches but by the time I have completed 2 of the pattern rows (making the holes) at row 7 I have found I have lost two stitches (83). I believe it may be because there is not a yfwd before knitting the first 2 knit tog.
    Is this correct?
    I have unpicked once to try and find ‘my error’ but I think this might be the reason.
    Can you advise please.

  • Paduer

    Pattern 8040. 

    New knitter here.

    I am working on the button holes for a men's version 112/117 cm size.

    Pattern says to rib to last 105 sts, cast off 2 sts, (rib 17 and cast off 2 sts) 5 times, rib 2.

    I have tried various ways to get this right and I can end up with up to 12 sts left.

    If I work it out from the other direction I should start at stitch 99.

    As I said I'm new to this, am I missing something obvious?


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